3d printing baby scans

3 positive uses of 3D printers

3D printers are becoming increasingly popular, but are still seen by most as an amazing futuristic technology with limitless potential. Media reports often contain suggestions about the negative potential as well as the positive, but here are just three positive things that 3D printers have done so far. 3D printed prosthetic limbs Prosthetic arms and… Read More

business card printing tips

5 tips to put your business card on the top of the pile

As we live in an ever advancing digital age, it may seem like you don’t need to give much thought to business cards. But that’s a theory that could prove to be a costly mistake. When you meet potential clients and contacts, a business card could be the only tangible piece of your brand or… Read More

make your flyers stand out from the crowd

Make your flyers stand out from the crowd

Flyers are one of the most popular ways to spread the word about your business; research has demonstrated that approximately 80% of homeowners retain leaflets received through their letterbox, sometimes for several weeks. The challenge for the business owner is to design leaflets that stand out from the crowd. The bottom line is that if… Read More

the difference between cmyk rgb and pantone

RGB vs CMYK vs Pantone: What’s the Difference?

If you have colour artwork to be printed, you may already have heard of RGB, CMYK and Pantone. However you may not be clear on the differences between each one and why those differences are so important when it comes to printing. RGB RGB (Red Green Blue) images have been optimised for display in on… Read More

what are compliment slips for

What is the use of compliment slips?

You have letterheads. You have business cards. So why do you need compliment slips? They’re a great addition to your stationery and can be very handy in many situations. Short notes When you only need to write a few words, pulling out the letterhead might be overkill. A quick note to a client is best… Read More

qr codes on business cards

A Quick Guide to QR Codes on Business Cards

A few years ago, QR codes started popping up everywhere you turned. They were on ads, posters, flyers, and even business cards. They offered something that could be scanned using a mobile device, giving customers access to a website or other information. However, as fast as they arrived on the scene, they’re now starting to… Read More

effective flyers and leaflets

Are your flyers build to last?

Every day people are exposed to so many advertising and promotional messages. Only a small proportion are going to be of interest to them. One key goal, therefore, is to make sure that your flyers fall into this category. If you deal with a lot of mail at work, you’ll know that often your aim… Read More

envelope printing errors

Four common envelope errors and how to avoid them

You have taken the time to design and print a stylish leaflet, one that provides valuable information about your business or products. Your letterheads are also impressive, providing a striking initial impression for potential customers – or instant recognition for those who are already your regulars. Much time will have been invested in saying the… Read More

how design simplicity helps increase response

How design simplicity helps increase response

If you are creating a leaflet or flyer to promote your business, there is a danger of being too much a designer and too little a salesperson. It’s natural to want any such promotional devices to be smart and reflect well on your company. However, it’s also too easy to want, like an artist with… Read More

direct mail advertising mistakes

5 common mistakes to avoid when writing a mass-mailing business letter

You may have ordered some stunning printed letterheads and then be creating your document for a host of reasons. It might be to introduce yourselves to prospective clients, with a specific product or service in mind, or as a follow-up to an advertising or promotional campaign. Whatever your goal, here are five inadvertent mistakes that… Read More