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Written by David O’Hearns

As I approach the big 40 in October I look back at 20 years in the industry and all the changes that have happened in the way we communicate. We have so many ways to talk, engage and promote our brand that it can be difficult to know which route to take for the best. One thing that has stood the test of time though is print. It’s real. You can feel it. Hold it. Take your time with it and tap into some emotion.

I’ve worked at a few different agencies and I’ve set up two. Dawn Creative a brand, design, digital and motion agency being my latest venture. During this time we have looked to push the boundaries when creating brand identities and campaigns for both our clients and ourselves to make them modern, to embrace movement and sound along with the more traditional ways of colour and typography. But we have also focused on print too.

Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s just our love for the numerous options, sizes, textures, weights, colours and finishes we have to explore. Or maybe it’s the fact that we are human and having something physical to hold changes the way we actually feel. I’m not saying print will come back and replace all forms of communication, but what I am saying is, when you look to use it, take time out and consider what could be done. Print too is an important touch point for your brand and needs to be aligned. Maybe stop and think beforehand.

With 20 years in the wonderful world of design for print (and digital) we can guide you in the right direction working with Aspire to make sure the finish is second to none.

luxury brand touch points

“If you want people to believe you are a luxury brand you need to behave like one”

Whether it be a product, a service, a meal or even insurance you ultimately get what you paid for.

This is no different when it comes to your business, it’s brand and any brand communication or touchpoint your customers or prospects experience and engage with.

Too many times people that either own a business (and the brand) or work for a brand cut back on budget and investment when it comes to things that we see as massively important.

There is no point in saying that you are a luxury brand and that you want people to pay good money for your product or service and then cut back on the quality of your brand. If you want people to believe you are a luxury brand you need to behave like one from the start.

That means investing in your super modern responsive website, your new App, your retail space or office environment. It means investing in every part of your brand and every touchpoint. Why should someone pay a premium for your product or service when you choose to cut back on their experience of your brand?

luxury foiled business cards

We can talk about brand positioning, value propositions, brand promises and values but if we can’t find the budget or are not willing to invest in every brand touchpoint then the above really doesn’t matter.

No other place (in my view) is this better experienced than print. Why is it that one of our oldest forms of communication is so often overlooked? In the digital age budgets are assigned to digital media, social, SEO and the like but when it comes to print…

I’ll just put it on some silk stock and send it out in an office envelope, that should do it.

I’ll attend the networking event next week but I’ll just get my cards done last minute on the same paper as everyone else in the room.

We’ve just booked the space at the most important event of the year but we’ll just go for the cheapest pop-up and banner stand we can find.

If you are wanting people to believe you are a premium brand, a middle of the road brand or a cheap brand then choose the right print specification and pay the price. As the title says “You get what you pay for” and print is no different.

The amount of business cards I’ve seen that state (in print) they are a luxury brand or have a  really professional service yet have decided to hand out a flimsy silk stock business card with bad design is beyond me. Yes, even the old, printed business card is a brand touchpoint. And in some cases is still one of the first points of contact a prospect has with your brand. So when you ask me to pay a premium for your brand then maybe put some budget aside to make me feel like I should.

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