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Top tips for designing an effective letterhead

design a letterhead for printing

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Designing the perfect letterhead can help you come across as professional to external clients, as well as to employees and competitors, giving you a stronger sense of authority. Getting the details right, as well as ensuring that your letterhead stands out, is understandably important.


No, not the band; this stands for: Keep It Simple, Stupid! This rule absolutely applies here – if you overdo your design, it’s likely to detract from what’s written on your tailored stationery, and possibly make the letterhead itself illegible. A simple design will also be easier to remember. If you think your letterhead is over-designed, it probably is – take steps to simplify it. The same goes for colour; an overly colourful design is likely to detract from your message.

Keep the medium in mind

In today’s digital world, your letterhead has to be adaptable. It no longer suffices to have a letterhead that only works for printed media; the way in which you present your brand across media platforms has to be consistent, whether it’s for emails or printed letters. The matching luggage approach to marketing may not be new, but it is effective.

Branding is key

As in all marketing activities, branding plays a key role. This links back to the previous point, in that consistency helps to build your brand. Ensuring that your logo is prominent in your letterhead is important, but so is maintaining other key features. Your choices in colour and font are essential to establishing, and building on, your brand.

The professional touch

Getting your letterheads printed professionally gives you options which aren’t available if you’re simply printing your own design directly from a word processor. You can select the thickness of your paper to ensure that your stationery is of adequate quality. If you aren’t used to creating artistic designs, or simply aren’t sure if your design is as legible as you’d like, we can offer a second opinion in the form of our free artchecks.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your needs and your designs. Our online order form means that it couldn’t be easier to request your letterheads today!

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